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CNC Milling

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At Accu-Tech Manufacturing, our facilities are stocked with state-of-the art equipment run by highly skilled machine operators to ensure we deliver to you the highest quality molds, dies and fixtures. 

Grow Your Vision

Having Accu-Tech be your outsource connection, your company is able to concentrate its resources on acquiring new markets and improving your product supply chain. This enables your company to increase its sales and grow in terms of capacity, turnover and service levels.


We have in-depth experience at producing precision-machined parts from a variety of plastics and metals such as aluminum, brass, mild and hard steels, stainless steel, tool-steel, and stainless steel, with high quality finishes. 


Accu-Tech offers some of the best CNC work, whether it is one piece, a small, medium or large batch, our CNC and manual precision machining is ready to meet our customers' specification.


We guarantee a worry-free, smooth flow of your projects from start through delivery.

Equipment List

(2) HAAS VF-5
Vertical Machining Centers
X=50", Y=26", Z=25"
Vertical Machining Center
X=84", Y=40", Z=30"
Vertical Machining Center
X=40", Y=26", Z=25"
Vertical Machining Center
X=180", Y=24", Z=25"
chevalier Bridge Mill.jpg
Bridge Mill
X=160", Y=62", Z=30"
Toshiba BTD 11ER16
CNC Horizontal Boring
X=72", Y'48", Z=40"

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